When you visit a country, one of the most common words or phrases you would like to know is “Thank you”. In Thailand, people are impressed when they hear foreigners say ‘Thank you’ in their language. It shows a màn chơi of respect for the country and culture.

Whether you are visiting bangkok or staying in Chiang Mai, a little bit of kindness goes a long way. So, for today, I will show you how to say ‘Thank you’ in bầu (and write it too).

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How bởi vì I Say Thank You In Thai?

First of all, in the bầu language, we differentiate the gender of the speaker. But don’t worry, it is not complicated at all to learn!

You only have to remember the words for ‘I’ (female: ดิ(di)ฉัน(chan) / male: ผม(pom)) và the polite word ‘female: ค่ะ(ka)/ male: ครับ(krab)’. Most other words will be the same no matter who is speaking.

The bầu "thank you" is actually made up of three words:

The word “Thank you” is kob (low tone) khun (normal tone), followed by the polite word:

Female: ขอบคุณค่ะ - kob khun ka

Male: ขอบคุณครับ - kob khun krab

After saying this word, I am sure you will see a big smile on the face of the person you are talking to. This is the most basic way to lớn say thank you, and the one you will likely be saying the most.

For example, if you just finished some delicious bầu food, you can let them know with this phrase. Make sure to lớn remember it for when you are in Thailand!

How bởi vì I Reply?

Sometimes, the reply is just as important as the thanks itself. Now you have learned how khổng lồ thank, you will also need to learn how khổng lồ reply back too. You should prepare yourself with a couple of phrases ready for when your kindness gets recognized.

Of course, you may also find that the person you are speaking to lớn may say something back khổng lồ you in reply after you thank them, and you should know what they mean too.

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In response lớn a thank you, you can say "You"re welcome" :

ไม่เป็นไร - mai (falling) bpen rai

Female: ไม่เป็นไรค่ะ - Mai bpen rai ka

Male: ไม่เป็นไรครับ - Mai bpen rai krab

People say that the phrase ‘mai bpen rai’ is the national motto of Thailand. It represents the kindness of bầu people, & can also be translated as ‘don’t worry about it’.

Another way to lớn reply lớn thank you in bầu is to lớn use this somewhat nicer sounding phrase:

ยินดี - Yin Dee (normal tone)

This means something closer to lớn ‘my pleasure’ or, as Google Translate puts it, ‘pleased’. While this wouldn’t be an appropriate response in every situation, it is nicer lớn hear.

How khổng lồ Write Thank You In Thai?

Practiced your thai writing skills & want to lớn put them khổng lồ the test? Then get your calligraphy pen ready - you are going to learn how lớn write thank you in Thai! While we recommend you try out the writing activity on the Ling tiện ích to get a better idea of how khổng lồ write using the thai alphabet, you can also try it freehand. Here is a larger image with the word ‘Thank You’ written in thai so you can see each character better: 


This is because đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan has a hierarchy system, where a person"s status affects how you should talk to lớn them. Therefore, you should try to lớn act politely & use these polite words when speaking lớn someone like your quái nhân of elders.

In a situation where you are thinking of someone, being polite will also showroom to the sincerity. However, we will look further into this another day.

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Learning Basic Phrases In The bầu Language

Saying ‘Thank you’ in thai will help you khổng lồ make friends and will help to make you popular, as everyone likes a polite person. Not everyone can speak English well either, so it may be necessary khổng lồ use Thai. From here, you can go on to lớn learn other common và important phrases that will help you day to lớn day in Thailand.

Want to know one of the best ways to learn Thai? The Ling tiện ích has many different games and tests to lớn help you remember all the important things. ขอบคุณครับ - Kob khun krab!