Are you planning to visit da Lat soon? Here are our top picks for the best places khổng lồ visit in domain authority Lat, Vietnam.

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Cau Dat Tea Hill

Cau Dat tea hill is one of the most popular destinations in domain authority Lat, Vietnam.

The immense green tea farm with fresh air is ideal for a peaceful experience in the countryside.

Cau Dat tea hill is nearly 100 years old, stretching over a large area up to lớn 230 hectares, with an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level.

On the way khổng lồ Cau Dat village, we could see lovely houses designed in France architectural style, flower gardens with bright colors alternating high green pine hills.

Taking a boat exploring the lake is also a lovely experience!

Truc Lam temple

From Tuyen Lam Lake, you can take the stairs up khổng lồ visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

You can visit four areas: the monastic hermitage, the monk area, the outer area, & the inner house.

The flower garden area is a must-visit. There are many beautiful flowers, such as firecrackers, hydrangeas, or tiger nail flowers.

Puppy farm

If you love playing with puppies, don’t miss the Puppy farm on your trip to lớn Dalat!

You can play with the dễ thương puppies while exploring beautiful flower gardens và fruit gardens when coming here.

Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong Lake is a beautiful lake located in the center of Dalat city. Around the lake are pine forests and beautiful flower gardens.

We enjoy walking along the lake, enjoying the fresh air, and relaxing. The lake is also near Dalat night market, so we usually stop for street food.

Da lat Crazy House

The Crazy House is one of the unique places lớn visit in da Lat, Vietnam.

The building complex looks lượt thích a tree stump or a body part of wild beasts hidden in the jungle with bizarre architecture.

Clay tunnel

Passing through a vast, green pine forest on a winding, romantic road, you will reach da Lat Clay Tunnel, a place not to lớn be missed if you have the opportunity to come to da Lat.

The clay tunnel is also known as a sculpture tunnel or red soil tunnel, & it islocated about 13km from the center of da Lat city.

The tunnel stretches over 1.2 km with more than thousands of artworks made of basalt clay, which is the unique feature of the area’s soil.

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Da Lat cathedral

Da Lat Cathedral (Rooster Cathedral) is the largest church in da Lat. The French designed this unique architecture in the Roman Catholic style.

It is called the Rooster Cathedral because a rooster statue is attached to the top of the church’s bell tower.

Address: 15 Tran Phu, da Lat

Da Lat market

The market is considered the “heart of domain authority Lat city” as all trading activities occur here.

Da Lat market offers its visitors an exciting way to enjoy this town. If you’re looking for an authentic da Lat food tour experience, I highly recommend trying some dishes in this market.

The market in Dalat is very famous for street food, and you can try a lot of delicious dishes without breaking the bank.

Da Lat market is also an excellent place for shopping with various products. Some da Lat specialties are strawberry, dried persimmon, jam, wine, & flowers.

Pongour waterfall

Pongour waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Central Highlands.

The waterfall has 7-storey, & the water here pours through 7 rock rapids.

At the foot of the waterfall, you can find many rocky rapids formed in ancient times.

The waterfall is surrounded by a primeval forest of more than 2.5 hectares with a rich & diverse ecosystem. Many species of animals, rare and ancient trees can be found here.

Lam Vien square

Lam Vien Square is located in the city’s center, overlooking Xuan Huong Lake, with 72,000 m².

Not only standing out with wide and airy space, but Lam Vien Square also impresses its visitors with giant artworks with a beautiful flower garden.

Bao dai Palace III

Da Lat is not only dreaming & romantic but also rich in history.

Bao dẻo Palace III is one of the three residential houses where the family of Bao Dai, the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty, lived and worked.

Bao dẻo Palace was designed by French architect and Vietnamese architect Huynh tan Phat. Therefore, the residence is influenced by European architecture.

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Visiting the palace, you can understand the glorious history of this land while seeing the architectural masterpiece.