Speaking For Ielts

what the programme is abouthow often you watch this programmewhat type of people enjoy this programme

and explain why this programme is educational.

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Sample Answer 1

I am not a tín đồ of the idiot box since childhood, as I spent my days participating in outdoor games và trekking. But one of the very few shows that I watched was the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest. 

Starting in 1972, when I was not even born, this quiz show was conducted live in different cities. Gradually, it shifted to radio and at the advent of television in almost every household, it became the first quiz show lớn be aired on television in 1994. Growing up, I followed it religiously every weekend morning. Although Hamid Sayani was the first host of the show, followed by his brother Ameen Sayani, Derek O’ Brian was the most popular host, và I liked his presentation. 


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Being a quiz show, its appeal was not limited to any age, but it was mostly enjoyed by people who seek knowledge for their own development. Unlike current quiz shows lượt thích Kaun Banega Crorepati, Who wants lớn be a Millionaire or Now You See It, Cadbury Bournvita was meant only for school kids from all over India. In later phases of the show, it changed its circulation from many Indian television channels lượt thích Zee & Colors to finally on Youtube in năm 2016 after it got cancelled from television. 

I consider this show educational because it was a very sought-after platform where young minds were given the opportunity khổng lồ showcase their general knowledge. Apart from that, it not only tested their knowledge but also assessed their agility and presence of mind. Many of us know certain things or masters in subjects, but it is useful only when applied. So, when the participants fought lớn press the buzzer first or answer the trick question as fast as possible, it aided their all-around development.

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Invention: creating abilityEg: Telephone was Graham Bell’s greatest invention.Habitat: way of living & their surroundingEg: Polar Bears prefer a cold icy habitat.Obsessed:  they’ve lost control of their feelings about the object of their obsession.

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Eg: She is obsessed with singingFittest: very fit và activeEg: Messi is the fittest of all players.

Sample Answer 2

Television is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Television is popularly known as the “Idiot box” for a cause. Every parent or elderly person chooses not lớn allow their kid khổng lồ watch television for more than two hours a day. But television does have educational programs streaming on it as well. Out of the many, Animal planet is one good program. It is mainly on animals & their lifestyle, their eating habit, place of habitat, etc.

I used to watch it often when I was a child. But, nowadays, I hardly get time lớn sit và watch television for my hectic daily schedule. So, if I get time lớn watch tv, I watch it without fail.

Some people are obsessed with this programme. Children who love animals tend lớn watch it. When I was a kid, I was obsessed too. I used to sit every night at around 10 pm in front of my television and witness documentaries on Animal Planet. Even my parents liked it. Needless khổng lồ say, they were the ones khổng lồ introduce me lớn it. Now that I have grown up, my interest has diminished with age. I hardly watch it nowadays.

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Animal Planet is primarily engaged in airing series & documentaries about wild animals và domestic pets. They show us how they make their living and especially focus on Darwin’s “The survival of the fittest” theory. We can learn a great giảm giá khuyến mãi from this channel. Thus, I am classifying it as an educational programme.