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H2 database is an xuất hiện source Java database. We often use the H2 database for testing purposes with its in-memory database feature. In addition, H2 database can also be installed khổng lồ use as a normal database. In this tutorial, I will guide you how lớn install your H2 database.

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First, you need to go lớn the tải về page of the H2 database at http://www.h2database.com/html/download.html to tải về the installation file. H2 database has 2 versions:

An installable version for Window: Window InstallerAnd a version for any operating system that has Java installed is: Platform-Independent Zip

I’m currently using macOS so I’m going to tải về the Platform-Independent Zip version.

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After downloading, please unzip the downloaded file, the results are as follows:


Open the Terminal or Console and go to the /bin directory of h2, then execute the following command to lớn start the H2 database server:



At this point, a new URL of the size will be opened in your browser:


Information about Driver class “org.h2.Driver”, JDBC URL with database “test”, User Name “sa”, blank password of H2 database already installed. You vày not need to change anything, just hit the Connect button only.

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Then, you will see the results as follows:


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