Windows Can Check Online For A Solution


Every time an application crashes in Windows 10, the Error Reporting Service starts checking for a solution. At times, it never finds a solution & gets stuck with the message — Windows is checking for a solution lớn the problem. The only option you have is to Close the program. If you would like to disable this, then you have lớn disable the Error Reporting Service.

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Program has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem. A problem caused the program tostop working correctly. Windows will close the program và notify you if a solution is available.

Windows is checking for a solution lớn the problem

Windows Error Reporting service allows the system khổng lồ report errors when programs stop working or responding. It then checks for a solution and tries to get a fix. If there is no fix, the log is sent back lớn Microsoft for analysis, và prepare a solution. Microsoft has been using reporting service to lớn detect unknown threats. So it’s a good idea lớn keep it on, but if it’s very annoying, you can choose lớn disable it.If you wish khổng lồ disable this, you can follow any one of these suggestions:Change Group Policy Settings for Error Reporting ServiceEdit Error Reporting Service’ Registry entry, orDisable Windows Error Reporting Service.When you vị this, no diagnostic data will be sent back khổng lồ Microsoft for analysis.

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1> Change Group Policy Settings

This post will show you how khổng lồ disable Error Reporting via the Registry.

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3> Disable Windows Error Reporting Service


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